About Administrative Consultants


What is an Administrative Consultant?

An administrative consultant is a virtual assistant that executes day-to-day administrative tasks for businesses, non-profits, government entities, and independent contractors from a remote location. 


What's the Risk?

One of the biggest advantages of using an administrative consultant is that there is little to no risk. Since the administrative consultant performs tasks remotely, they are solely responsible for providing their equipment, office products, and other office necessities. There is generally no company liability.


What's the Advantage?

Administrative tasks are an absolute necessity for any organization to thrive and grow. However, with ever changing labor laws, budgetary issues, and small business start up's, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to retain adequate administrative support. As a virtual administrative consultant, an organization can work with us on a project basis, month-to-month basis, or annual contractual basis. This creates a flexible tailored working agreement with the administrative consultant; releasing the organization from shouldering long term agreements they may not be prepared for.